Top 10 Best Automotive Spray Can Paint Reviews 2022

Most of the time, painting your vehicle reminds you of when you first laid your hand on it. It feels all new. Similarly, painting one for resale makes you feel like it’s worth a dime.

Although it feels that way, there is more to painting than the feeling. Using the right type of paints will give your car maximum protection, increasing your car’s durability. As much as you want your vehicle to look attractive, I believe that lasting longer would be your hallmark choice.

The easiest way you can paint your car is by using automotive spray paints. If you are not familiar with automotive spray paints, we will take you through the best automotive spray paint in a can that gives your car a glossy look. These sprays are easy to use and take little time to dry. Moreover, they don’t break your bank.

Top 10 Best Automotive Spray can Paint Reviews In 2022

Do you have an idea of the best automotive spray paints in a can? Do you know what to look for? We will give you plenty of automotive sprays in a can to make deciding easy.

For the best choice, consider quality, cost, ease of use, drying time, and availability. The quality of look that spray paint will give you will determine whether it’s worth buying or not.

Below are the top 10 best spray paints. I recommend you choose the one that suits your vehicle, whether on appearance or protection. All of them are easy to use and are of the best quality. Just have a look.

1. Dupli-Color Automotive Paint

best automotive touch up paint

Dupli-Color Automotive Paint is a high quality, easy to apply, and fast-drying aerosol paint. It matches the original color of your vehicle exactly. You only need to check your car’s color code from somewhere in the car.

It is perfect for use on various OEM paint exteriors. For late and current car models, perfect matches are available. This product is perfectly designed for both small-scale and large-scale vehicle painting as well as vehicle accessories paint.

For impressive finishing in the exact color matching process, use Dupli-color. Most of all, it will offer protection and additional gross to your car’s surfaces. Consequently, it will extend your car’s durability.


  • It is fast drying, hence saving on time.
  • You won’t need an expert as it is easy to use with simple steps that you can follow.
  • Value for money, it is of high quality giving your car the best appearance.
  • It perfectly matches the exact factory color for any car model.
  • Perfect large scale and small-scale use.
  • It sprays evenly without cramping.


  • The nozzle may clog if not correctly stored.

2. Rust-Oleum Automotive Spray Paint

best automotive paint

This paint will give you the most durable base coating for an enhanced later painting on vehicle surfaces. Especially relevant, this formula is rust resistance hence offering protection to your vehicle.

Since it is two-in-one, it fills the debts on the surfaces you apply to prime them. It comes with a special feature of a comfort tip that allows painting of hard to reach spots. Also, it comes with a wide finger pad feature that will give your finger comfort, preventing fatigue. Most noteworthy, with this paint, you can spray at any angle.

This 2-in-1 paint works on wooden, metallic, or fiberglass surfaces. It is multipurpose. It dries so fast that you can recoat in just 10 minutes. After sanding, it will give your car a smooth feel. It will give your vehicle a superior adhesive topcoat with a flat finish. I recommend this paint if you need an ultimate finishing that will make you proud as you drive.


  • Fast-drying, and so it saves time.
  • Wide finger pad for comfort and fatigue prevention.
  • Comfort tip that aids in the painting of hard-to-reach spots.
  • It comes with filler, hence fills up imperfections for a smooth surface.
  • It is rust-resistant, offering protection to your auto body.
  • Long-lasting
  • It covers about 10 sq. ft.


  • The nozzle tends to clog. However, if handled well, it will serve you well.

3. Dupli-Color Epae10200 Spray Paint.

automotive paint reviews

Dupli-Color Epae10200 Premium Acrylic Enamel is a non-sanding, 2-in- 1 spray. Especially relevant, it comes with paint and primer all in one can. It will provide excellent plastic adhesion and the rust resistance you need for your car. This feature ensures maximum protection for your car.

Also, it excellently bonds a wide variety of surfaces to give them a long-lasting effect. It is ideal for metals, wood, plastics, concrete, fiberglass as well as masonry. Especially relevant, you don’t need to sand. It saves time because it only needs about 25 minutes for it to dry to touch. However, drying to handle will require about 2 hours.

I recommend this paint for your car if you need value for money. It’s ideal in that you could use it for your home projects too.


  • You don’t need sanding.
  • Rust-resistant to offer your car maximum protection.
  • 2 in 1; comes with a prime and paint all together.
  • You can use it in your car and other household projects.
  • Fast-drying hence saving on time.
  • Excellent plastic adhesion.
  • Economical, so it lasts a long saving on your money.


  • Great, but the color is misleading.

4. Rust-Oleum 272741 Spray

automotive touch up paint reviews

Do you want a fast and most practical way of extending the longevity of your car? It doesn’t matter whether it is an old rusted automotive or a new one, this paint will work well. It comes with a rust-resistant formula to ensure maximum protection. I’d recommend this if that’s what you want for your car.

Due to its versatility, you can apply it on fenders, trailer floor, and step areas. It will give you the most attractive finish and an extension of the truck bed’s life. Important to note, it will protect your car from extreme weather conditions, wear, and rust. Also, it comes with scratch resistance capabilities, which also help in rust prevention.

When spraying, the aerosols are fast, ensuring that you achieve a uniform, non-drip finish. I recommend this paint if you want stunning results when coating corners, tight spaces, and curves. These places are not accessible when using brushes. Upon application, it will give your car a well-textured, nonskid finish.


  • It offers your car long-lasting protection against chemical and mechanical abrasion as well as wearing out.
  • Helps to spray areas inaccessible to brushes.
  • Gives old cars a new attractive look.
  • Value for money.
  • Even non-drip finish.


  • You need several cans to come up with a thick layer.

5. Dupli-Color EMC204007 Purple

best automotive paint for beginners

Do you want to dress up your car and the most attractive way? This paint will give you an anodized metal appearance on any kind of surface. It will give your car an excellent attractive finish.

Most noteworthy, you should apply it over well-prepared surfaces for an attractive metallic finish. This paint is highly durable, hence pocket friendly. Also, it is easy to use and dries fast, saving on time.

It is resistant to oil, gas, and heat to an extreme of 500°F intermittently. This is the ideal spray paint for use on both exterior and interior accessories. You won’t have to worry about painting heat emitting parts.


  • An anodized color effect that will make your car look beautiful.
  • There is a special spray nozzle to help in spray painting.
  • Gives your car a high gross
  • Value for money.
  • Heat resistance to an extreme of 500°F intermittently.
  • So easy to use. No need to look for an expert.
  • Fast-drying about 30 minutes for touch dry and 1 hour for handle dry.


  • It does not come with a primer; hence you need to buy it separately.

6. Dupli-Color Bgm0530 Automotive Paint

best automotive spray paint

Dupli-color is a high-quality automotive paint that is easy to use. The paint is fast drying and has acrylic aerosol formulated to go hand in hand with the original coating. You can use the paint on motorcycles, vehicle accessories, and large touch-ups.

Its availability is full of perfect match colors for both earlier and current domestic vehicles and imported ones. This makes the product effective for painting the vehicles’ spare parts, accessories, and small scale vehicle painting.

The paint is ideal for applying in the last step of the painting. It provides protection and additional gloss to the painted surface. It is available in all forms that you may need, making it perfect for all the painting functions.


  • Easy to use, fast-drying, and of high quality.
  • The paint provides protection and more gloss.
  • It has an adjustable nozzle with good spray patterns for smooth coats.
  • You can use it in color matching of motorcycles and vehicle accessories.


  • Great but not an exact match

7. Rust-Oleum 248944 Automotive Paint

best automotive paint brands

This is an affordable automotive paint with a clear color. The paint prevents and resists oil, gases, salt solvents, and salt rusts. Rust-oleum automotive rust resister paint lasts for a long time. It is amazing for wheels too and gives a looking finish.

You can get this paint in a wide range of industry colors to suit your requirements. On top of that, it creates a durable finish to give your vehicle the best look. The paint also resists various elements like solvents, oil, humidity, rust, grease, and many more.

Rust-Oleum Enamel ends in a smooth finish to suit the purposes of automotive engines. It can reach up to 500 degrees in terms of temperature.


  • It is durable and affordable.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Provides a long-lasting finish
  • You will get it in many standard colors.
  • Works well for engines


  • Great product, but spraying is terrible.

8. Rust-Oleum 343346 Automotive Spray Paint

best automotive paint for the money

Rust-oleum Automotive premium paint spray gives an eye-catching finish on your automotive. You can use the spray on vehicle wheels, rims, inner parts of a vehicle, or a unique and up to date finish. It also gives out a lovely accent.

You don’t need a primer, especially when applying smooth surfaces for a long-lasting and one-step chrome effect. You can apply a gloss primer on porous metals to improve corrosion resistance and create better adhesion.

Using this automotive spray gives an exceptional shine and luster in just one step lacquer application. The paint dries in the first 10 minutes of application, and it is advisable to add the next coat anytime for a faster touch up. Its application is also effective without any base coat or even primer—the end product of the paint results in a distinct reflective chrome.


  • You don’t need a primer or a base coat.
  • The paint dries quickly.
  • Gives a great gloss accent
  • Offers excellent shine and luster
  • It increases corrosion resistance.


  • The color is not the same.

9. Dupli-Color ECWRC8700 Paint – Best Automotive Touch Up Paint

best automotive touch up spray paint

Dupli color spray paint is ideal if you want your vehicle to get a professional finish. You will like it because it is a perfect match for touch up automotive paints. You can use the paint on trucks and other vehicles to get suitable customization.

It provides a professional-looking and smooth that gives resistance to wear and tear while driving. You can remove the paint easily, especially if you want a new color or going back to the original surface before painting.

You can get the spray paint in different styles of your choice. Additionally, it works well on OEM painted exteriors like plastic, aluminum, chrome, and metal.


  • Gives out exact color match
  • It ends in a clear coat.
  • It is price friendly.
  • Available in several styles.


  • Some of the paints might come with defective nozzles.
  • It makes bubbles.

10. Spraymax 3680061 2K Clear

best spray paint for automotive

Spraymax has a content of aerosol coat that is easy to apply. The paint flows smoothly and dries to a durable top gloss in the final product. Using the paint is simple and does not require any special training. When ready to use, it’s advisable to activate by shaking it.

The spray has a unique nozzle that delivers pleasing spray results. It dries faster to a high gloss finish. Spraymax has excellent weather and chemical resistance so that you can use it anytime. You can also use this spray paint effectively on all basecoats.


  • Easy to apply, smooth flow and is fast drying,
  • It works well on all the basecoats.
  • It’s of excellent resistance to chemicals and weather.
  • It provides easy application.
  • It gives your automotive a durable and gloss finish.


  • Poor design nozzle.
  • Can cause severe effects when exposed to its chemicals.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Automotive Spray Can Paint

When Choosing a good spray paint in a can, you should consider some factors like the surface you want to paint. Additionally, think about the durability of spray paint and the drying time. The thickness of the paint is also essential because thick paint is better over a less thick one. There are many things you should remember to get the perfect paint for your car. We will cover these factors in detail below.


You need to consider the type of finish and the color it will give. Does the finish match the current one? Do you need a matte, metallic, or pearl finish? You can choose the right finish that suits your car. Therefore, know the type of finish you want to give your car and look for a spray that matches your needs.

Car Paint Types

(I) Acrylic Urethane

It is an expensive brand of car paint. When used, it creates a very durable and reliable coating. Making it mix with other compounds to get a fine mixture is a bit difficult. Compounds mixed helps it to dry very fast

(ii) Acrylic enamel

In most cases, this paint is usually compatible with a spraying machine. It has other forms like aerosol, which leads to easy touch-ups.

(iii) Nitrocellulose paint

Every car owner wants his/her car always to look new and original. You can use it to repaint dents or refurbishment classic and expensive cars.

(iv) Water-based paint

Over 70% of car firms use this paint because it is environment-friendly and has fewer health complications than other brands. It will help if you read the prescriptions and the guide to bring about the best color and thickness.

Additional Layers

(i) E-coat

It is also referred to as the electrodeposition coating. As the name suggests, it applies electric currents to deposit the layer on the car’s surface. Physics principles such as “opposite” attractions used to lead to a perfect painting.

(ii) Clearcoat

It is a paint that leads to no color on the surface of your car. As the name suggests, it is clear that no pigments may lead to the color on the car’s body. Over 90% of vehicles and machines manufactured are given a precise coat finishing.


It is the commonly used undercoat by car manufacturers to refinish bodies. They are used on a rough surface to make it smooth to be painted more efficiently. It has some rare characteristics in other layers such as adhesion, drying faster, leveling and sanding are quick, resistance from rust and can fill sands and grinds on old surfaces.

Primer has two other sub-types, they are Prime lacquer and Etch primer. Prime lacquer is high build and is relatively thick compared to Etch primer. Etch primer is used in galvanization. It has acidic components that lead to stronger bonds between a primer and the surface.

Clear Coat

As mentioned earlier, it is colorless. It is a paint that leads to no color on the surface of your car. As the name suggests, it is clear that no pigments may lead to the color on the car’s body. The clear coat has the following functions, protection, makes maintenance easier, eases repairing, and ensure durability.


As the name suggests, it is a primary paint. When you look at a car and see its color, red, green, yellow, or white, that is the basecoat. It gives the vehicle the actual color. It always comes on top of the prime layer. When researching or applying car paints, you should note that it is raw paint after the primer.

Basecoat has no hardeners or strengthening components. A car needs three coats for the surface to be covered. The base coat does not protect the body, but if used together with other compounds such as urethane, they can provide more protection. Using clear skin and a base coat makes the car surface look shiny.

Touch Up or Respray

In most cases, you can improve the car’s surface and make it look impressive. You can respray yourself at home or garage or hire an experienced personnel mechanic to do it for you at an agreed cost. It is also essential to know that car paints are harmful to your health if you mishandle them. You should wear masks, gloves, and protective coats during this task. It is advisable to contact car paint sellers and experts to avoid messing with the thickness.


When choosing a car, paint considers one that can withstand harsh conditions such as heat and time. Heat is the leading cause of car paint damage. High weather conditions, friction, human error, and mechanical processes can cause heat. Consider durable car paints over ones that peel the surface faster. Research before buying so that you can have some durable paints on the surface of your car.


If you buy cheap paint, it is most likely to peel off than when you buy a costlier paint. Before purchasing a color, consider your financial ability because everyone has a different budget. It is good to read each paint’s price tags, the total price will cost you to spray your car, and the amount of labor to be used. There are all paints to suit every budget. You need to set up your budget and look for a quality paint that works well. The spray paints we have covered above are durable, attractive, and also budget-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to have a spray gun to apply automotive paint?

A: Well, it is not mandatory to have a spray gun to apply automotive paints. Using a spray gun has some advantages, like spraying the paint evenly. It’s easy to use, especially if you are a beginner in spraying. Some of the sprays are made with the new technology so that they contain a unique layer that stops the paint from attaching to the sides. You can choose any kind of spray gun you want to spray with.

Q: What is the best spray paint for cars?

A: To determine the best paint, this will go along with the car owner’s taste and preference. There paint of many colors and many other attributes. The best spray paint for your car is the paint that will last long when you apply it on the car, a paint that is easy to use, a rust-resistant paint, a paint that will save your money, and lastly, high-quality paint.

Q: Is epoxy primer safe to spray?

A: This spray is not safe to spray when you are not well protected. This is because when the epoxy primer is sprayed, some of its tiny drops are left in the air; when humans inhaled it, there is a higher chance of causing respiratory disease, skin allergies, and skin rash.

You must use a respirator to prevent inhaling it and cover your entire body parts to avoid any skin reactions with the epoxy and avoid any health challenge. Vaporous element released from the epoxy prime can also be a threat to the community around you since it remains in the air, and it is dangerous to be inhaled!

Q: Can you get a good paint job from a spray can?

A: Many people have at least one can of different kinds of spray with different colors. The basic thing here is to understand how the spray cans are made and understand how to combine the paint. If you know this, you definitely will get a job well done. Start by knowing all the parts that a spray can contain and their functions.

This will help you operate the spray can reasonably and effectively get excellent results. Understand how to assemble this part of a spray can; this is crucial when you want to get good results. Lastly, ensure the place you are spraying is well cleaned to remove any dirt and dust. Mix the paint well, and you can begin painting.

Q: What is the easiest auto paint to spray?

A: As a car owner and probably you want to start painting your car, this a very crucial question to ask yourself. When making that decision, there are several things you will need to consider. This includes; the application method, possible health-related dangers, the foundation coat paint you will require, and the time the paint takes to dry.

From the automotive industry, urethane paint is the number one paint that meets the industry’s standards. This paint lasts long when well painted; it’s crack resistant when decent maintenance is adhered to. Its chemical reaction is well balanced, and the paint is simple to apply even if you are a newbie.

Q: What is the best automotive primer in a spray can?

A: Selecting the best automotive primer should not be a hectic job anymore. There are various kinds of automotive primers out there. It should be a primer that meets all your needs like; durability, a primer of good quality, a good foundation, and rust resistance and protection to select the best. Primers are well used when handling naked metals in that specific region. You will need to apply primer before applying any auto paints.

When doing large painting works, the best automotive primer to use is epoxy primer reason being it’s a two-constituent primer, simple at combining, rust-resistant, and takes less time to dry. The best automotive primer to use while doing the small painting is the polyester primer. This because it’s has one component and is chip/scratch resistant.

Q: Can you paint a car with spray cans?

A: Yes, you can paint a car using spray cans. This optional some people may decide to take their cars to motor services to do the job for you, and you will pay. But when you want to paint your car with spray cans, you will need to select the best paint. The color you desire and put on all protective gears before painting. Start by cleaning the car area; when it’s even now, you can apply the primer to the number of coats you desire to get an excellent finish. Start spraying the paint on your car.

Final Verdict 

There are many reasons why you would want to paint your car. With the best automotive spray paint in a can, your vehicle will get a durable and beautiful coating. Choosing a quality paint for your vehicle can be challenging because you will find various finishes, and they all have varying attributes.

We have researched extensively to give you top recommendations for automotive spray paints in a car. After comparing our selected sprays and the detailed guide, you will get a quality color to give your car a custom look. All the above sprays offer easy application, durability, and they dry fast. Moreover, they enhance the look of your car.

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