Top 5 Best Grease For Lawn Mower Spindles 2022

In order to get high performance, you have to put the best grease for lawn mower spindles regularly. At the same time, it will save your mower from being damaged and extend its lifespan. 

So, is it worth investing in buying grease or something else? Absolutely, it’s essential to use grease in the lawn mower’s moveable parts for smooth riding. But experts always recommend using manufacturer grease. 

Before driving into the grease buying guide and reviews, let’s check the top 3 best grease for mower spindles on the market. 

What is the best grease for lawn mower spindles?

Here I have reviewed the top 5 market dominating lawn mower grease. I believe you will not regret selecting any of them.  

1. John Deere Original Grease – Best heavy equipment grease.

best grease for lawn mower spindles

If you need the ultimate grease for your lawn mower spindle, John Deere spindle grease is the first option I can offer you blindly. This multi purpose high quality grease weighs 14oz. 

Let me begin with the main features of it. First, it is suitable for all types of weather and lasts for a long time. In fact, it can handle extreme pressure for longer periods. 

However, you can implement this grease on various vehicles and machinery such as lawn mowers, tractors, garden equipment, autos, trucks, snowmobiles, etc. 

Furthermore, it was engineered to protect your valuable machine’s joints, bearings, suspension, anti frictions, etc. 

By the way, I am not sure why John Deere uses green colour in this grease, but it works great as always. Of course, some people find it expensive, but I must say it is worthwhile too.


  • Genuine JD grease.
  • Very sturdy.
  • It is very effective to keep moving parts free. 


  • Sometimes you may receive leakage due to shipping problems. 

2. Valvoline Fully Synthetic – Best grease for mower deck spindles. 

best heavy equipment grease

Valvoline grease is fully synthetic to perform well in cold temperatures. It is formulated to give you an excellent service for all types of automobiles, including lawn mowers.  

However, this heavy duty grease can holds extreme pressure and delivers user expected performance. As mentioned above, it’s made from fully synthetic oil based components to protect your vehicles and other stuff. In addition, highly additive grease ensures a smooth operating system. 

Valvoline always appreciates customer feedback and is very responsive. If you need any customer assistance, you may get to them through email or phone. 

Although the color isn’t a big deal, it is Gray. 

A drawback is that the grease drips after implementation; that’s true it happens when you run your vehicle for a long time. But I will urge the mechanics to research before making any decisions. 


  • Affordable price for full synthetic grease.
  • Multi purpose grease.
  • Best synthetic grease for the money. 


  • Sone negative commenting spoiling it, but give it a try. 

3. Aftermarket “00” heavy duty Grease

best grease for mower deck spindles

The least known best mower spindle grease is aftermarket “00”. It’s specially designed for lawn mowers and tractors. 

However, this brand is comparatively new but doing an excellent job by producing heavy duty machinery and equipment.  It was established 12 years ago to ease the mechanic’s problem. 

They believe that they are not making money but also ensuring the profits of consumers. 

By the way, this grease comes with the latest innovative formula added to make your lawn mower spindle more rigid and sturdy. 

4. WD-40 – Heavy Duty Multi Purpose Grease

best grease for mower spindles

If you want premium quality grease, you should check WD-40 heavy duty multi purpose grease for lawn mower deck spindles. It comes with 14 oz, which is enough for small to large vehicles. 

It’s specially created to protect your vehicles from corrosion as well as ensures long lasting durability. 

As always, you can put this grease in all kinds of vehicles, even swivel chairs!

The top three features include working the same in all weather, handling huge pressure, and waterproof.  

By the way, it fits in the grease gun and works fine. 


  • It doesn’t leak out of a grease gun.
  • Excellent quality grease for high temperature.
  • Suitable for all purpose grease.
  • The best grease for the money.


  • You may receive a damaged one for bad shipping. 

5. Valvoline High Temperature Red Grease

What Is The Best Grease For Lawn Mower Spindles

If you’re looking for the best cheap grease for your mower spindle, Valvoline Red Grease is the best option so far. 

Compared to the price point; it does a lot of things. As I mentioned in the title, it’s the best heat resistant and extreme pressure protected grease. 

You can apply this grease to various equipment and vehicles without having any problem. 


  • The best grease for ball joints.
  • Red and sticky!


  • Leakage! 


How many pumps of grease are in a lawn mower spindle?

In order to get the perfect workflow and keep the bearing in good condition, you have to put three to four pumps regularly. But there are different pumps for oil vehicles. 

How to grease lawn mower spindle?

Now I am going to tell you how often to grease mower spindles and how to do it. There are a few steps you need to follow to grease effectively. 

First of all, put your lawn mower where you can easily grease the deck. After that, uncover the spindle through a screwdriver or other tools. 

Secondly, you need a grease gun to pour grease, but before that, you have to clear old or wastage grease first. 

Finally, drop two shots of grease into the spindle. That’s it. 

In addition, how often to grease mower spindles? Well, it depends on your usage. If you’re a professional service provider, you need to grease every day but once a month for lawn owners. 

What kind of grease do you use on a lawn mower?

There are two types of grease in the market. Both have a different formula, but the Lithium & Sodium based greases are developed to last longer. Usually, regular grease melts before 3500 F, but Lithium and Sodium grease stay solid for a long time. 

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to grease your lawn mower spindle to perform well in all weather conditions. You will get a bunch of options, but I have listed top rated best grease for mower spindles. 

As I mentioned earlier, you will not face any problem as long as you buy anyone from the above list.

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