Top 5 Best Portable 12v Winch Reviews 2022 [Heavy Duty]

What happens when you get the best off road winch for the money? Absolutely it’s amazing to have one, but you need to do some homework to pick the best portable 12v winch. At the same time, you have to invest money according to your needs and demands. For example, there are different types of winch available in the market. Such as winches for small to big cars and trucks, boats as well as utilities, etc. 

So, after knowing your requirement, you need to select the top portable winch that matches your vehicle. In this article, I will only discuss the top five 12v portable winches so that you can easily get one with this requirement.  

Therefore, you have to be careful when purchasing; some so-called manufacturers are mesmerizing potential customers with their eye-catching ads and features, but the product is worthless. 

At the end of the article, there is a 12v portable winch buying guide on what is the best winch for the money? So, now let’s go to the product details and reviews. 

Top Five 12 Volt Portable Winch Reviews 2022

There are the top five portable 12 volt winches picked and reviewed, including the best handheld winches. So, choose the one that is most suitable for your vehicle. In fact, every winch has its own downsides and upsides. So, let’s start without further ado. 

Bravex – The best electric winch for the money.

best electric winch for the money

If you’re looking for the best hand held winch for multitasking, you may consider the Bravex electric winch. This corded remote control winch is suitable for multi applications such as cars, trucks, boat trailers, etc. 

Now, let’s check its best feature, and later I’ll add some previous buyers’ reviews and tips. 

First of all, it’s designed to perform higher than regular motor power. For example, it increases 30% motor power which eases winching. At the same time, it comes with a dual operating system such as manual handheld and electric. For emergency purposes, the handheld winch works much better. 

Secondly, there is a low noise featured automatic electric brake to operate smoothly. Additionally, Bravex added a hook and steel cable to make it more safe.

However, let’s check the loading capacity. It’s able to pull 2000 pounds weights and 5000 pounds rolling ability. The core capacity is 6000 lbs. 

Furthermore, Bravex offers a two years warranty for the body, not the cable. 

One of the proud owners of Bravex electric winch states I bought this electric for my three wheel motorcycle, and it went fantastic. So, I recommend everyone to make consideration before purchasing any other winches. 

Finally, I want to say if you own a fisher boat, you must try this winch as many buyers claim that it’s a perfect option for hauling the boat. 


  • One of the very powerful winch.
  • It works better in manual and electric. 
  • The most outstanding fact is that it offers surprisingly low cost.


  • I’m sorry I didn’t find anything wrong with this winch. 

KEEPER KTSL2000RM – Portable electric winch 12v 

Best portable winch

If you’re especially looking for a portable winch for marine uses, you may try this one. It’s water resistant and uniquely designed to pull heavy weight. In addition, this handheld portable winch is remote control and comes with a rapid mount bracket to give you a rigid operation. 

As it’s portable and lightweight, it has a built-in handle to carry effortlessly. However, now let’s talk about load capacity. The total load capacity is 6000 lbs, including 5000 lbs pulling and 2000 pounds rolling. 

The downside I got from this product is that many previous buyers horribly complained about this item. Some people state it’s not the exact product that they ordered. So buy it at your own risk. 


  • It works fantastic for lightweight uses.
  • The rope is made from Galvanized steel and is very rigid. 
  • And the rope size is 30 feet long.
  • The line speed is 8 feet per minute. 
  • Handheld electric winch.


  • Not so good. 

Superwinch 1140232 – Premium quality portable winch 12v.

best off road winch for the money

If you’re handling heavy equipment, then try Superwinch 1140232 premium quality 12v portable winch. The synthetic rope is a great feature that comes with a durable toolbox for mobile usages. At the same time, you can store and carry other tools easily. The load capacity and power system make it unique. It can pull up to 8000 lbs, and you can connect the cord with a nearby power source easily as it has alligator clips.  

However, it’s handheld and comes with industrial quality leather gloves. You can use this winch for multi usages, such as off road rescue, 4×4 wheel vehicles usages, especially load and unload boat trailers. 

As you already know, 4000 pounds synthetic rope is super durable and always ready to go. The Superwinch uses a tag, “2 GO,” which means it is always operational, and it’s really what they are saying. 

Furthermore, the toolbox ensures winch safety as well as storage too. 

Let’s check some highlighted features by the manufacturer: 

First of all, it’s built on a 1/4th inch steel plate to ensure 100% portability and durability. It features a permanent mounting, so if you want to make it permanent, then it’s a great advantage. 

Secondly, it has everything to pull heavy objects such as straps, rope, shackles, alligator clips, wire, battery harness, etc. So ultimately, all in one solution for smooth winching. 

Finally, I’ve already mentioned above; it’s a remote control winch, and easy operating system enabled. You need to plug and use, that’s it. 

KEEPER KW75122RM – Best portable winch with Wireless Control

best electric winch

Now I’m going to share another expensive multi purpose portable winch. It can pull and roll heavy objects effortlessly. At the same time, it ensures the most reliable and smooth operation. The 4.5 horsepower motor can handle 7500 pounds weight and delivers excellent performance. 

If you’re asking me, what is the best truck winch for the money? In that case, I can’t think of other winches than the KEEPER KW75122RM wireless and portable winch. 

However,  below there is a step by step breakdown of each feature.    

Light and Portable:

  • It has a rapid ball hitch mounting. 
  • The handheld remote control works better on ten feet lead. 
  • The thirty feet Galvanised steel rope ensures maximum safety.
  • If somehow the motor doesn’t work, you can use a hand crank instead. 
  • However, it has a handy handle for absolute portability. 

Heavy duty:

  • There is a handheld heavy duty sealed switch for distance control. 
  • In fact, there is also a built-in LED light to make it more accessible. 
  • As you already know, it’s 4.5 hp, and the break can hold with full force. 
  • The total wire rope length is 72 feet, and there are warning signs on the beginning and end. 

U-MAX Trailer Winch – Best portable winch under 100 dollars. 

Best Portable 12v Winch

U max winch is the last but not least in this impressive portable winches list. The notable features are its 12v DC electric winch, perfect for boats, trucks, cars, and many more. It can pull up to 5000 pounds and works with both manual handheld and corded remote control. First, however, check below for detailed facts and features. 

Easy to assemble:

Anybody can quickly assemble this portable winch by following the user manual. At the same time, the mounting plate does the rest of the job to complete the setup. However, there is a standard size cord with remote control to operate the winch. 

Ensures Maximum safety:

This winch is 100 % safe for both sides, steel cables, and electric wire. At the same time, the remote switch is water resistant and safe to plug in with a power supply. U Max even ensures that it works better underwater as well. 

Load capacity:

It has an excellent load capacity in both pulling and rolling. In addition, the rigid steel body can pull up to 6000 pounds which is unimaginable with this price point. However, this small portable electric winch does a bigger job then so called branded winch. 

Multi Application With Warranty:

As mentioned earlier, it has both a manual and electric operating system. So if you’re running out of power supply, you can easily use the hand crank to pull the objects. However, U Max offers a one year warranty with a money guarantee. In fact, if you encounter any problem, you can talk to their live chat. 

Buying Guide on how to choose the Best portable Winch in 2022

There are a few things you need to consider before making any purchasing decision. Please take a look below:


First of all, you need to define where you’re going to use the winch. For example, if you’re dealing with a lightweight object, then consider buying a lower rating winch and, on the other hand, choosing a heavy winch for large objects. So, how can you measure how many ratings you need? Well, in that case, you need to multiply your vehicles or objects with one and a half of the weight. So, for your kind information, the capacity is also called ratings.  

Line length:

While checking the winch’s feature, you need to check two things: what about the cable quality? Is it made from Galvanised steel or ordinary steel? At the same time, how much is cable length? Well, you can buy 100 feet length cable winch and try to have an extra 50 feet for long distance pulling. Usually, experts recommend using Galvanised steel rope to get solid performance. 


If your vehicles already have a mounting, that’s a great advantage. But if not, you need to choose something that comes with mount compatibility. In fact, you can use a universal winch mounting plate to avoid unexpected difficulties. 


In this section, you need to make sure a few things such as user acceptance, affordability, brands, wide application, winch’s compactness, winchility, and most important, portability. How can you get all this information? Well, first of all, read the detailed product review on the web and watch YouTube videos. Secondly, discuss with the winch’s expert as well as the previous user of these items. At the same time, you also need to ensure a few more things, such as the winch’s construction quality, durability, and performance. Finally, I must say, is this 100% reliable or not? So these are the pieces of information you need to consider during the buying moment. 


All the renowned brands always offer at least a one year warranty. The winch is a piece of heavy equipment and built to work better, but it doesn’t mean that it’s well made despite the brands. Even sometimes, it’s received with manufacturing defects, so it’s always good to buy a guaranteed winch. 

So, this is the end of the winches reviews and buying guide. Later you’ll get the most frequently asked questions regarding portable winches. 

Faq related to Portable Winch 

Is there a portable winch?

Absolutely, there are numerous portable winches available on the market. In fact, this article is based on 12 volt portable winches. So, if you’re planning to buy a portable winch, then go through the whole article. You’ll get a broad idea. 

What is the most reliable winch?

Every winch is reliable, but I found KEEPER KW75122RM is the most reliable winch among all. 

What is the best 12 volt winch?

I guess the title speaks a lot more than my words. However, the top 5 best 12 volt winches are available above. But I can say, Superwinch 1140232 is one of the best 12v winches you may look at before moving to something else. 

What are the best truck winches?

There are three best truck winches on my list, such as 

U-MAX Trailer Winch.
Bravex Electric truck winch.
KEEPER KW75122RM Remote control truck winch.

What is the best 9500 lb winch?

According to many researchers, the best 9500 lb winch is Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch. It has enough strength that it can pull up to 9500 pounds easily. At the same time, the multi application usages made this winch market dominating. 

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